Theme configuration

Theme Options

Gridbox comes with variety of theme options to control different aspects of your website. These options are available via Theme Options in WordPress admin. Note that these options can be overridden by blocks or pages.

Theme General Options

  • General: These are Theme General options and are used globally.
  • Colors: select the primary and secondary and colors for the theme.
  • Buttons: Select styles for all the buttons.
  • Social: Add social media channels
  • Subscription Modal: Add a subscription modal to your website.
  • Preloader: Customize website preloader here
  • Off-Canvas: Customize the off-canvas sidebar


  • General: These are General header options.
  • Top Bar: Header top bar area custom options
  • Header Logo: Upload a logo from here. You can also add a title
  • Header Button: options for Button in the header

Title Area

customize the Title Area for post pages and archives.


  • Blog Layout: Options used for the posts page or blog.
  • Single Post: Options for single post page.


Customize the project page and its layout.


Options for styling text on the website.


Customize the footer

Post Types

There are custom post types that are added to your WordPress after installing Gridbox theme. Each of the posts types comes with its own details that you define when creating a new post type for one of the available options below:

Available Post Types

  • Services
  • Prices
  • Teams
  • Testimonials
  • Slides
  • Clients
  • Projects

Gutenberg Blocks

Creating and editing pages:

To create a page go to Pages/Add new and create a new page. After you have created the page you can start adding blocks to design your page. Gridbox comes with a number of custom blocks that you can add to your pages with WordPress Gutenberg editor. To edit a page simply click on one of the blocks you want to edit and change its content.

Available Blocks

  • Hero
  • About
  • Service
  • Pricing
  • Team
  • Testimonial
  • News
  • Contact
  • Slideshow
  • Video
  • Call to action
  • Client
  • Portfolio
  • Gallery
  • Content

Sidebars & Widgets

Gridbox comes with predefined sidebars. These sidebars will be added to website pages according user selection.

Available Sidebars

  • Main Sidebar
  • Blog Sidebar
  • Portfolio Sidebar
  • Footer Sidebar


Gridbox comes with 2 menu locations. If you have imported the demo content, demo menus are already created and assigned to these locations. If you have not imported the demo content you can go to Appearance/Menus and create a new menu and assign it to one of the available locations.

Available Menu Locations

  • Header Menu
  • Off-Canvas Menu

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